Thursday, October 16

Friday, October 3


It's been a while.  This is pretty much what I've been doing, bathroom selfies and spending time with plants.

Sunday, August 31

Labor Day Inspirations

You don't have to wear white on labor day

But it doesn't hurt either

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Monday, August 25

Friday, August 8

alameda naval base

optical illusion tee / vintage shorts / vans sneakers

photos by diane vo

Friday, July 25

Thursday, July 24

Summer heat and maxi benefit

When the heat hits the city, there is a strong connection observed between the summer season and the maxi length of dresses and skirts. The connection is just as strong between these two as it is between a Nashville photographer and his camera or between Christopher Reeves and Superman.

In summer, the maxi length looks splendid in urban landscapes and seaside venues. Beyond the comfort and the lightness of such items, the reasons of women choosing to wear them are of course related to the ‘not so tanned legs’ or ‘I don’t like my knees’ kind of stuff. And there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. There is a huge range of maxi dresses that can hide the body parts you don’t like. You can easily find, casual, classy and hippie maxi dresses, that are not only covering it all but also looking nice and chic.

If you have wondered if the maxi length is for you, well, let me tell you something: the maxi length fits anyone! Surprisingly, you can choose a maxi dress only by considering your morphology, proportions, allure and colors you prefer. If you’re short and thin you could easily wear a maxi dress that follows the contours of your body, made of fluid textiles, not overly fluffy. If you’re short and curvy, look for a maxi dress with a camisole, or a model whose elastic or drawstring waist overlaps exactly over your natural waistline.

Most importantly, wear a maxi dress in a color of medium intensity or with a print directed vertically. The ideal maxi dress has to give you a sense of freedom that no other piece of clothing does. It has to be easy, convenient and it has to not constrain the movements of your body. The ideal length is just below the ankle (no, it should not crawl on the floor) and if you want to maximize the comfort, wear the maxi dress with flat shoes, no high heels required.

In the heat of the summer, the maxi length goes perfectly for romantic dates, grocery shopping and everyday routines. Choose a skirt or a dress that makes you feel easy and covers everything you want to hide, without making you sweat or die in the heat.