Monday, January 6

Artist: Sarah Stone (1760-1844)

"Not much is known about Sarah Stone. There is no record of her birth although a younger sister of hers was born in London. A portrait of Sarah Stone was published in the Universal Review in 1890 well after her death. In 1789 Sarah Stone married Captain John Langdale Smith, she was almost 30 at the time of her marriage. They had a son Henry Stone Smith. Some of the images she has drawn are credited to her using her married name Mrs Smith.

Sir Ashton Lever commissioned Sarah Stone in the 1770s to paint the objects in his Museum, she continued to paint at the Leverian Museum throughout the 1780s and started painting the ethnographical items in 1783. It is not known how Sir Ashton and Sarah came to meet."

"The importance of Sarah's drawings lies in the fact that she not only recorded so many new scientific discoveries for the first time, but she also recorded them while they were still under one roof. Throughout her nearly 30 year career, she was extremely prolific, painting over 1,000 watercolors of mounted birds, mammals, fishes, insects, reptiles, shells, minerals as well as ethnographical artifacts. Consciously she was known to sign and date many of her watercolors."

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